My Updated List of "Counseling Tips"

I've had this website for so many years that occasionally I find it helpful to dust off and slightly edit stuff I wrote years ago. I've just re-posted a slightly edited a list of recommended  suggestions before starting counseling or psychotherapy. It reflects some of the core 'solutions-focused therapy' training I received in the mid-80s and in my subsequent years as an Atlanta counselor and psychotherapist I can confirm that this perspective provides a fertile conversational environment for personal growth and produces true value in the therapeutic investment.  I wrote it not just for folks here in Atlanta who engage my professional assistance for personal concerns but also so that anyone entering a therapeutic relationsbhip with a helping professional can maximize the benefit that unique relationship is capable of producing.  There are ways to help even the best therapist and reflecting on these guidelines can enhance the value you receive from any counseling experience, so I hope you find it useful.  



Bill Herring LCSW, CSAT has been an Atlanta counselor and psychotherapsist in continuous private practice since 1991.  Bill counsels adults (on both an individual and couples counseling basis) and is well-known for his pioneering approach to addressing problematic sexual behavior patterns, resulring in his receipt of the 2019 Carnes Award from the Society for the Advncement of Sexual Health (SASH)