Writing Your Vision Statement

What sort of person are you striving to be? What personal goals are you working toward? Without a clear vision of the qualities you are looking to develop within yourself you may miss some opportunities to grow in the direction of your best self. Sometimes we are more invested in moving away from something we don't like about our lives without a clear vision of what we are trying to grow toward. To help your personal growth consider what qualities represent your highest and best self in each of the following categories.

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When I reach my highest and best self the following statements will be true:

1. My thinking/cognition (Example: “I will have a clear and focused mind and solve problems effectively and creatively.”)

2. My feelings/emotional health (Example: “I will manage my emotions effectively and maintain an overall positive emotional attitude toward life.”)

3. My physical health (Example: “I will maintain a strong and healthy body, enjoy exercising and eating well.”)

4. My spirituality (Example: “I will continually deepen my relationship with the spiritual dimension of my life and rest comfortably in my faith at all times.”)

5. My relationships with others (Example: “I will have many meaningful relationships with friends, colleagues and relatives who I trust and rely upon and who care for me.”)

6. My relationship with family (Example: “I will have a mutually loving and trusting relationship with my spouse who can depend on me and I will be a role model to my children”.)

7. My finances (Example: “I will have ample funds to care of myself and others who depend on me and I will be prepared for a comfortable retirement.”)

8. My career/education (Example: “I will deal with my work duties with skill and enjoyment, continuing to learn across my life and helping others through my work.”)

9. My relationship with myself (Example: I will treat myself with kindness and respect while holding myself accountable for my actions.”)

10. My sexuality (Example: “I will express my sexuality with my partner in a manner that is loving and mutually enjoyable, with sexual integrity and true intimacy.”)

If you complete these 10 statements and put them into a paragraph you will have a powerful and inspirational document to help guide your growth toward your highest and best self.  

(Note: click here for a printable copy of this form.)


Bill Herring LCSW, CSAT is an Atlanta therapist who specializes in helping people with problematic sexual behavior patterns such as chronic infidelity, unhealthy use of pornography, and various sex or porn addictions. He is the 2019 recipient of the prestigious Carnes Award presented by the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health.