Reduced Fee Counseling

I know that many sincere, motivated people seeking a therapist to make important life changes simply cannot afford $225 for less than an hour of talking, especially if that needs to happen multiple times. So I am going to start 2020 with an experiment in offering reduced fee appointments.

I have rarely provided any kind of "sliding scale" services. For one thing it's hard to verify somebody's true financial need. I have reduced my rates a few times in the past and have felt good about it.  There have been other times when clients drove up in a car worth much more than mine or talked about an expensive vacation and in those situations it's hard not to feel like I'm being taken advantage of by people looking to get a "deal". So I've kept my rate at a level that reflects my training and experience, and because of that I have turned away people who are looking for help but who simply and truly cannot afford me. One reason I put my fee on my website is so people don't have to get their hopes up leaving a message only to learn my services are out of their range. 

As a professional in private practice I am a business person. If I have a free hour in my business day I want to fill it, and if I can help somebody while still earning a living then it helps both of us to find a way to make counseling work. All of this is to say that I am going to experiment with offering reduced fees for people who truly can't afford my full rate. 

I want to offer this deal to people who are motivated but really have to "stretch" to pay me.  This is not for people who just want to get a "good deal". If you can afford me I ask you to pay my full fee. If you truly can't then tell me honestly and we'll talk about your situation and work out a  deal after we talk openly and honesly about your income and expenses.  Use this form to call or contact me for more information.

Also, I say this to anybody: one way to save time and money with me is to carefully work on this list of 21 questions about your life from birth to adulthood.  I want to at least touch upon every one of these topics in person and it can save hours and therefore hundreds of dollars to work on this in your spare time and bring it in with you.