The Types of Counseling Services I Provide

"I came to Bill for help with an addiction to porn.  He was always kind, never judgmental, and seemed to always know just what to ask or say.  As we slowly peeled back the onion (yes, sometimes there were tears!) I came to see myself in a much healthier light.  I haven't looked at porn in almost a year and my marriage is stronger than it has ever been.  BIll was a blessing in my life." (11/11/16)

I have been helping people in Atlanta address their personal issues for nearly 30 years.  I am a respectful, affirming. good-natured and thoughtful provider of the following types of psychotherapy and counseling services that I am ready to provide to you to help improve your happiness and quality of life. 

Individual Counseling

One of the primary clinical services for problematic sexual behavior I provide in Atlanta is individual counseling.  My typical client is almost (but not always) a man who is facing the reality that some aspect of his sexual behavior is significantly degrading his commitments, his true values or his full self-control.  Maybe there has been actual physical contact with other people such as affairs, one-night stands, anonymous encounters, strip clubs, prostitutes or sexual 'massage parlors'.  A few of my clients have limited their problematic behavior to online chat or video websites, while about a quarter of my caseload involves men who struggle only with pornography without having any contact with other people.  Almost all of my clients want to stop their behavior for good and are ready to do the work to heal any harm they've caused themselves and others.

I'm skillful at helping people see what is happening in their lives in a way that begins to make new sense and give new opportunities for conscious and sustained personal and relational healing.  Whatever brings a person to this painful point is the best fuel for growth, as long as it's channeled appropriately.  From the first encounter I'll help give the support, information, guidance and direction to assess what's going on from all relevant dimensions and offer some suggested plans of action to take both in and out of 'session'.

I also regularly work with spouses and other committed relationship partners who are often reeling from the many painful consequences of discovering deep sexual deceit that can require a wide range of support.  A properly trained and experienced source of professional counseling is one essential component for addressing such complex betrayal trauma. 

If you are ready to book a time to meet and talk individually about what is going in your life and what to do about it, contact me for a prompt reply.

Marital and Relationship Counseling

I also provide marital and couples counseling to help rebuild relationships in the aftermath of chronic sexual deception.  I also have a lot of experience conducting formal disclosures, which is a process to help a person re-establish integrity and responsibility to a partner.  I've helped a lot of marriages stay together and weather through the storm of chronic infidelity recovery.  I can offer both hope and action to couples looking to heal their relationship in the aftermath of chronic sexual infidelity.

Group Therapy for Men

I also run half a dozen men's therapy groups, which is an entire discussion unto itself.  Openings in these groups are infrequent due to the level of support, accountability, intimacy, trust and opportunity these venues provide for men to finish the job of becoming the person they never really knew how to be nor witnessed growing up.  All of my group clients come from my established caseload, meaning that nobody comes into one of my groups 'off the street', so there's no need to discuss them further here.

Although I can perform all of these components of professional service at a consistently high level of competence, I rarely engage in all of them with the same client.  I regularly work in collaboration with other helping professionals around Atlanta.  Many people can be affected by the damages caused by sex addiction and other forms of problematic sexual behavior, and insuring the best healing for everyone involved generally benefits from more than one therapist, especially with the kinds of complex cases that make up the bulk of my practice.  

Contacting Me for an Appointment

If you want to meet with me please first make sure you are ok with my policies, rates and other important information, then feel free to contact me.  I try to offer appointments quickly so you don't have to wait long to discuss what's going on in your life and talk about what do do about it.