Space in morning and evening men's therapy group available

As noted all over my website, in addition to my general counseling practice I provide specialized assistance to people who struggle with sexual behavior that:

  • violates their commitments, and/or
  • goes against their personal values, and/or
  • is not fully controlled, and/or
  • results in negative consequences, and/or
  • does not represent responsible sexual behavior

Each one of these categories is a form of problematic sexual behavior.  Some people struggle with only one or two of these categories and others have difficulty with all five areas.  Some people who identify themselves as not having sufficient self-control (the third category) will come to the conclusion that they may be addicted to sex or porn.  Others who engage in very similar behavior do not consider themselves addicts (see the rest of my website for more information about these differences).

However, my experience is that people who share many of the same problematic categories regarding their sexual behavior can give and receive help and insight to improve their lives even if they differ in the way they describe their problem.  This is because everyone struggling with problematic sexual behavior wants the same goals: they want to honor their commitments, to uphold their values, to be in control of their behavior, to avoid negative consequences and to be responsible with their sexual decisions.  

To help this process, I lead several men's therapy groups -- and I have three openings!  It's rare for me to have available spaces in these groups, so this is a unique opportunity to get involved in a potentially life-changing group experience.

Groups are great for several reasons.  They are a way for men to stay accountable to each other.  They provide a safe space for men to talk about what is REALLY going on in thier lives, with others who can share and understand their struggles.  Men tend to be socially isolated for lots of reasons, and a therapy group is a great way for men to break out of this isolation and develop the capacity for authentic intimacy.

So here's the deal: I have two openings in my Tuesday morning group, and one opening in my Thursday morning group.  Both groups meet from 7:30 to 9:00 in the morning, every week.  Each group has a total of 7 men.  I ask group members to agree to attend for 12 weeks.  After that they may stay as long as they like.  The average length of stay in my groups is about TWO YEARS!  People tend to stay once they start because of all of the reasons listed above.  Many men have reported that their men's group experience has been one the most important events of their adult life.

For anyone to be a part of this group they need to be able to make a good-faith commitment that they can attend at leat 75% of the meetings.  (Each member is like the piston of an engine, so it is important for each person to be present whenever possible.)  If people are not able to attend in person it is ok for them to phone or Facetime into the group, which really helps when people are traveling.  Group members are encouraged to share contact information with each other in order to be able to reach out and support each other between meetings when this is helpful to them. 

The group fee is $60 per meeting per member -- even if you do not attend that week (this encourages attendance and is typical for therapy groups).  I typically invoice every four weeks, so the typical monthly cost is $240, which is only a little bit more than one inidvidual session with me.

Most group members are also individual clients of mine, but not all.  I do need to meet with any prospective group member a time or two to make sure the fit is solid.  Part of what makes my groups beneficial is the selection of men who I bring together.  Most of my group members are outwardly successful men with a good head on their shoulders and a good heart at the depth of their being

People who identify as sex or porn addicts often attend 12-step support groups for help.  This includes some of the men in my groups.  They report benefitting from group therapy in a way that is different than what they get in 12-step groups -- the two types of meetings are very different.  I've found that it is very helpful to bring "addicts" and "non-addicts" together to reduce the sense of difference between them and to gain a deeper understanding about how many of the issues faced by men with problemaitc sexual behaviuor are very common.

I will leave this notice up until the group spaces are filled.  Again, this is a very unique opportunity and if you are struggling with any of the categories of problematic sexual behavior noted above I invite you to contact me to see if a men's therapy group is right for you.  It's pretty doggone special and it's ready for you if you are ready for it -- but these vacancies will not last and I often go for months without any openings.  So let me hear from you soon if this speaks to you.