The Vistadale Labyrinth

How the labyrinth looked when installed in 2008Behind my office is a 35 foot secluded and peaceful outdoor walking labyrinth.

The labyrinth, an ancient symbol used in many cultures, combines elements of the circle and the spiral to create a meandering but purposeful path that can represent many of the journeys of life.

Walking a labyrinth can center your spirit, balance your emotions, enhance your intuition and help you to experience what's going on inside and around you in a more meaningful way.

Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has no dead ends or blind alleys.  One path leads from the entrance to the center and back again.  As you quietly walk the labyrinth, notice how you relate to each part of the experience.

Two books that are useful for enhancing the labyrinth experience are:

Walking A Sacred Path

Exploring The Labyrinth: A Guide To Healing And Spiritual Growth

Visdale labyrinth fall 2015






It can be useful before or after a counseling session to spend a few minutes walking the labyrinth in any way that seems valuable to you.  It's also helpful to spend some time writing or simply sitting on a bench and reflecting on what we talked about.  This will help the positive effects of our counseling session extend well past the 50 minutes we are together.

By the way, here's more recent photo that shows how the labyrinth has evolved over last 12 years:







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