Atlanta Counseling for Those Affected By The Ashley Madison Crisis

Have Your Been Affected By The Release of Ashley Madison Data?

In my Atlanta counseling and psychotherapy practice I specialize in helping people heal from different forms of chronic infidelity and sexual deception.  My clients are generally good, moral people who understand that they need to change their sexual behavior to be more consistent with their true values.  Sometimes this commitment to change happens because of a recent or potential discovery by a loved one or employer.  The release of information about people who have used the affair site Ashley Madison has caused many people to evaluate their behavior with a commitment to change.  If this is happening to you or your partner I can help make sense of the problem and figure out what to do about it. Usually I talk with people in person in my Atlanta office, although I'm also available to provide coaching online or by phone.

Common Emotional Reactions Of People Affected By the Ashley Madison Crisis

If you ever had an account on Ashley Madison you've likely experienced the dread of what exposure would do to you, your business, and your family.  Maybe this has already happened.  Hundreds of thousands of people have been in a similar situation since this information became public.  There have even been tragic situations of people who have attempted or actually committed suicide because of their fear and shame about all this.  DON'T DO THIS!

If you have discovered your spouse used Ashley Madison it is likely that this turned your world upside down.  Whether this confirmed suspicions you already had or struck you like a lightning bolt out of a blue sky, you've been forced to re-evaluate what you thought you knew about your partner, your marriage, your life.  It's common to have many intense feelings about all of this, from anxiety to sadness to rage to confusion to shame and back again.  It's double hard to feel isolated from people who you normally would turn to for support. You may find that your reactions are similar to what I have written about the effects of repeated sexual betrayal.

If you are a couple trying to cope with this, you are probably experiencing a crisis that threatens the health or even the future of our marriage.  Your relationship ay be filled with promises, accusations, fears, remorse, rage, grief and shame. And you are likely trying to hide it from your children, other family members, friends, neighbors and other normal sources of support.  The weight of it may feel more than you can handle. 

Use the Ashley Madison Crisis To Turn Your Life Around

It doesn't have to stay this way.  A crisis of sexual integrity can lead to change your life toward greater character and conviction.  If your spouse has betrayed your trust you can heal from that trauma and even grow closer together.  If your relationship is spiraling downward you need to seek help to stabilize and replace despair and sorow with hope and recovery. 

Maybe you are a person who used Ashley Madison or engaged in some other secretive sexual behavior that hasn't yet been discovered by others.  Even if no one else knows, you can't be your best self when you are not living your whole self because of your secret life.  And if you feel lousy about yourself I encourage you to reflect on that saying that "if you want self-esteem you have to do esteemable things".  Even if you currently feel sincerely committed to living differently, the real measure is what you do over the long haul.  

Consider Counselng to Turn The Impact of the Ashley Madison Crisis Into A Better Way of Living

If you are ready to turn your life around, consider I invite you to reach out to me for help.  As stated above, I have years of experience helping individuals and couples heal from infidelity and sexual deception. Check out the rest of my site for more information about my services and qualifications.  If you don't get help from me, get it from someone.  Don't waste the opportunity to turn this crisis into opportunity.

Bll Herring, Atlanta, GA, USA, July 2015