Did You Make Your Bed Today?


It’s difficult to know exactly what each day will bring for you to face: if life shows us anything it’s that uncertainties abound and challenges may spring up when least expected or desired.  Sometimes it may seem like every minute is filled with a task to accomplish…..a need to meet…..a fire to put out.

A vital component of a balanced and satisfying life is the ability to create a sense of order out of what otherwise would be random and chaotic.  Although this certainly can’t happen all of the time there are actions to take and attitudes to hold that can help increase the odds in your favor. 

It all boils down to engaging in behavior that brings some stability or constancy into your daily life.  Developing and consistently following a set of healthy daily routines is a way to insure that you maintain a discipline of self-care.  

It’s easy enough to let certain tasks slip or take some shortcuts in order to save time or effort, and sometimes this is absolutely the right thing to do.  An overly controlled, regimented life may bring a lot of accomplishments but abundant joy is not likely one of them. 

But sloppiness is not a virtue in the quest for a balanced and meaningful existence.  The mind can be a slippery, sensation-seeking creature, ready to squirm away from dull tasks toward the novel, the immediately gratifying, the diversionary.  A degree of regularity does a world of good in providing safeguards against these unruly tendencies.

The idea of making your bed is representational.  Maybe the better goal for you is flossing your teeth (at least the ones you want to keep!) or cleaning the dishes every night so you don't wake up to a full sink of dirty plates.  Life is often more about the small things than the big ones. 

And aren't smooth, clean sheets a gentle gift both to and from yourself at the end of a long day?


Bill Herring helps people who are searching for answers to some of life's most basic and vexing problems. His Atlanta counseling practice has helped thousands of individuals and couples over the past quarter century.  He has gradually increased his focus on offering meaningful healing from the pain of sexual betrayal, deception, addiction and despair.

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