Wisdom Quote: It's Never a Straight Line

"It's never a straight line."  -Geri Larkin

We think the shortest path between two points is a straight line. While this may be true in physics it is seldom the case in personal growth. You don't go from your starting point to your destination without detours, obstacles, curves, roadblocks, false starts, setbacks and other barriers to your goal. That's just how a hero's journey unfolds (and in case you've forgotten or have never been told, that's what your life is about).

A straight line makes for a boring story, and you are a lot more interesting than that. Don't get discouraged just because you struggle and fall off the mark. That's not a sign that you are failing as much as it is an indication that you are learning what it takes to truly live your life differently.

Remember, "do what you did to get what you got." The things you need to do differently may be simple, but that doesn't mean they're easy. Remember the quip about the dog walking on its hind legs: the remarkable part is not whether it does it gracefully, but that it does it at all. Of course you are going to wobble, bang into walls and knock over some potted plants. No big deal, sport, it's actually a good thing in the big picture.

Keep going, That's the important thing.


Bill Herring is an Atlanta psychotherapist, counselor, life coach and author.  In addition to his general practice his understanding of addictive sexual behavior is especially notable.

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