Listen to a Podcast About Problematic Sexual Behavior

I recently published an article to introduce a sexual health framework for categorizing chronically problematic sexual behavior. Soon after this, host Craig Perra asked to interview me for his podcast called The Mindful Habit.  (Craig is a great host who enthusiastically supports new ideas.)  I think it went pretty well for my first podcast.  The length gave me a chance to include a lot of explanations and historical context for the developmnet of this framework. 

My next goal is to practice presenting this effectively in a shorter period of time.  If anybody has any ideas about future appearances I am keen to learn about them.  Meanwhile, you can watch the video version of my interview here or listen to it later by downloading the audio podcast here.  I have also posted both a brief summary of this framework for understanding categories of problematic sexual behavior and now even  my author's copy of the published article, which I can include here on my site without copyright restriction. .