The Most Difficult Year In A Marriage

I recently saw a humorous refrigerator magnet with a sentence that I thought was brilliantly true:

"The most difficult year of marriage is THIS one."

Long-term relationships take work, and that's what makes them worthwhile. The idea that a marriage is easy probably accounts for the high percentage of divorces in this country. People get disillusioned because the initial chemical high of early love wears off. It often takes the consistent and long-term work of real attachment for couples to maintain stability, to say nothing of the effort required to maintain true dynamic growth in the relationship


I've written before of the truism that work in a relationship is fundamentally work on one's self. Have you ever found sustained personal growth to be consistently easy? Whether you're working to lose weight or gain serenity, there's no substitute for a willingness to do what it takes. Why should a wonderful and meaningful relationship be any different?


So if you and your partner are struggling, you're not alone. Adults should be free of the notion that something worthwhile comes for nothing. So prepare to dig in and make it work, and if you get stuck, get the help you deserve to take your relationship to the next level.


And by the way, the first 100 years are the hardest!


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