Questions to Deepen Self-Understanding

I've previously written about what I consider to be the major differences between counseling and psychotherapy. As a person who provides both services I know what kinds of questions can lead to deep levels of insight and healing. I've previously published a list of things to consider before your first psychotherapy or counseling appointment. I now have a new set of questions which can help increase the benefit of psychotherapy.

I have collected a list of questions that can help you reflect on your life from birth to adulthood. The ancient philosopher Socrates said that "the unexamined life is not worth living". These 22 questions help that examination.

It can be helpful to consider each of these categories when reviewing your life for important themes that may still be relevant. You will probably find some patterns of your personality and coping strategies that started long ago and continue to this day. This gives you an opportunity to examine how you respond to the issues of your life in a manner that may reflect these important parts of your history.  This is especially true for any struggles or challenges that were not fully deal with then (and I don't know anyone who has fully dealt with their childhood struggles and challenges until well into adulthood).

I hope folks find this helpful.  I encourage my clients to share their answers with me because this gives us an opportunity to explore them and make valuable connections and insights that are helpful today.


Bill Herring LCSW, CSAT is an Atlanta psychotherapist and counselor for adults.  He has decades of experience helpinbg individuals and couples.  In addition tohelping people resolve a wide-ranging set of issues, he has specialized skills in helping people resolve complex sexual dilemmas.