Writing Your Vision Statement

What sort of person are you striving to be? What personal goals are you working toward? Without a clear vision of the qualities you are looking to develop within yourself you may miss some opportunities to grow in the direction of your best self. Sometimes we are more invested in moving away from something we don't like about our lives without a clear vision of what we are trying to grow toward. To help your personal growth consider what qualities represent your highest and best self in each of the following categories.

My Updated List of "Positive Resources" In Your Life

As I have noted on other recent blog posts, I have been updating some of the documents that I have included on my website over the years. The most recent version is what I call "Gather Up Your Resources".  This is a list of categories  that represent positive sources of support in your life, from the people who care about you, to positive memories of your past accomplishments, to ackowledgement of your strengths, to positive symbols that uplife you, and several other sources of strength, comfort and safety.  Completing this list can be helpful to increase your neural connections to these sources of positivity to counteract times when you may otherwise be discouraged, fearful or self-doubting.  Fill it out to feel better about yourself!

My Updated List of Questions About Your Life

I am using recent blog posts to highlight that I have been updating various documents I have written over the years. One of these documents that I believe can be very helpful is a list of 21 questions that help a person to write the story of their life prior to adulthood. I often ask my clients in my Atlanta counseling and psychotherapy practice to answer these questions for us to review in session.

My Updated List of "Counseling Tips"

I've had this website for so many years that occasionally I find it helpful to dust off and slightly edit stuff I wrote years ago. I've just re-posted a slightly edited a list of recommended  suggestions before starting counseling or psychotherapy.

A Photo of Me Receiving the Carnes Award from Dr. Carnes

Bill Herring and Patrick Carnes

As I have previously written I was recently fortunate to have received the prestigious "Carnes Award" from the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH). I finally received a photo of that day with me standing with Dr. Patrick Carnes himself just after he handed me the award.

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Got Any Boats That Need Burning?

I did a quick search for the phrase “burn the boats” and discovered it's used a lot as a metaphor in business.  I want to share a way I've come to occasionally apply this perspective as a psychotherapist. 

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Red and Green Jellybeans

People tend to see patterns where they don’t really exist and to come to faulty conclusions about what a series of events means.  When things repeatedly don't go a person's way it's easy to feel like a failure or someone who's "jinxed".  Such a confidence killer can erode further effort or optimism. 

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Sometimes a Breakdown is a Breakthrough

What I'm about to say can benefit anyone, either now or in the future.  Maybe these words can help you or someone you know and care about.  I am especially writing this to get in front of anyone anyone who is going through a crisis of their on making because of discovery of infidelity. 

If you feel like your life is crashing down around you I want to tell you that a "breakdown" may be the start of some much-needed "breakthrough" in your life.  In my Atlanta psychotherapy practice I help people transform pain into changes for the better.  Whatever is going on with you right now, it's very possible that the best of your life is still ahead. 

Short, Soft, Slow, Simple

Psychotherapy hinges on the therapist’s ability to listen carefully and respond appropriately.  Since people pay me for my opinions I am happy to share them.  A big part of my job includes knowing when to listen and when to talk.  Sometimes it's helpful for me to give a client a lengthy perspective about what we are discussing.  My goal is for my clients to see themselves or a situation they are dealing with in a new light. 

Mud Moments in Earth School

I enjoy catchy phrases and sayings, especially when I hear one that I haven't stumbled across this far along the road (although I guess nothing is really "far" on a limitless journey).  Two phrases caught my ear recently, and I combined them in the title.  One is "mud moment" and the other is "Earth school".


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