Ten Will Get You Fifty

People obviously seek psychotherapy or counseling to make changes in some part of their lives, and nobody wants to engage in a lot of effort for only minimal benefit.  I sometimes use the phrase "ten will get you fifty" to describe situations in which a small effort can yield a large reward.

There's an ancient saying about a "mountain that gave birth to a mouse" that applies to situations in which tremendous effort and upheaval only yields minimal results. So part of the art of successful therapy (or any other form of self-improvement for that matter) is to find those situations in which a concentrated, narrow or strategic effort is likely to reap significant benefits. These are the situations in which "ten will get you fifty".  

For some people a 10% improvement in making friends will result in a huge return in life satisfaction. For others a slight improvement in communication skills will bring a significant and lasting improvement in the quality of their relationships. A minimal increase in exercise can yield results that positively impact many areas of your life.

It can be extremely useful to gain clarity on what parts of your life need only slight improvement to bring you significant relief, improvement or satisfaction. Rather than taking something you already do well and investing a lot of effort to make it a little better, try to focus some attention on an area of your life that is not so well-developed.  These are the areas where a small improvement can bring significant results. 

Do you know where in your life "ten will get you fifty"?


Bill Herring is a highly experienced psychotherapist in Atlanta.  In addition to his general adult practice he specializes in helping people heal from chronic cheating, serial affairs, pornography and sex addiction and other forms of destructive sexual secret keeping.