Expert Atlanta Counseling for Problematic Sexual Behavior, Porn Struggles and Sex Addiction

Bill Herring, Atlanta psychotherapist and consultant

Overview of My Atlanta Counseling Practice for Problematic Sexual Behavior, Sex and Porn Addiction and Chronic Betrayal

My private psychotherapy and counseling practice is exclusively focused on helping people in Atlanta who are struggling with sexual behavior that conflicts with their commitments, values and/or self-control. Every day I help good people who have brought pain to themselves and others because of some secretive behavior that has been going on with them sexually.  

The kinds of problematic sexual behaviors I address are wide ranging, including excessive use of pornography (which is any use for some people), inappropriately spending money for sex (including prostitutes, escorts, strip clubs or sexual massage), engaging in secret or anonymous hook-ups, repeated or lengthy affairs and other forms of chronic infidelity. 

Because of shame and fear most folks don't seek help for these kinds of repeated sexual behavior patterns until some sort of painful discovery happens. That's generally when people in Atlanta contact me for an appointment so I can help them to break these patterns and heal the damage and pain they and others are going through.

Understanding Chronic Infidelity, Porn Problems, Sex Addiction and Complex Betrayal

As a nationally recognized expert based in Atlanta I know that chronic betrayal and poorly managed sexual behaviors can happen for lots of complex reasons.  Some people who have a form of sex or pornography addiction continue or return to sexual behavior they have tried and vowed to stop, even when they know that doing so is not healthy or right. 

No matter the reason, I help people stop unwanted and unwise behavior, heal the damage caused by sexual deception and attain greater integrity, intimacy, accountability and self-esteem.  As you can see from my professional biography and background, I have deep experience helping people in Atlanta break free from all kinds of problematic sexual behavior patterns.  I have thoughtfully adapted my extensive training as an Atlanta Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) to achieve what I consider to be a deeper and more specific assessment of each person I meet so that I can offer a range of options and tailored recommendations for useful steps to take both immediately and in the long term.  As you'll see elsewhere on this site, I've developed a protocol that is very effective in bringing lots of perspectives into focus in useful ways.  I work with adults of all ages, including those who are approaching or have passed retirement age who struggle with porn or related concerns

Healing from problematic sexual behaviors and their consequences is entirely possible and can propel life to new levels of peace, happiness and freedom.  If you are ready to talk about what's going on in your life in a supportive manner that focuses on how to get better, I'm an Atlanta counselor ready to help you.  If for any reason I'm not the right resource for your personal needs then I encourage you find someone you can trust to discuss what is going on in your life and what steps to take next. 

The Types of Services I Provide for Problematic Sexual Behavior, Sex and Porn Addiction and Chronic Betrayal in Atlanta

I have been helping people in Atlanta address their personal issues for nearly 30 years.  As an experienced therapist I provide individual, couples and group counseling in a caring, respectful, affirming. good-natured and intelligent manner.   Click here for more detailed information about the specific services I provide.

The comfortable office of Bill Herring LCSW, CSATAbout My Unique Atlanta Counseling Office Location

My unique and comfortable Atlanta office (located just two blocks outside I-285 at the LaVista Road exit on the east side of Atlanta) sits on a quiet street of former residences that have been tastefully converted into business addresses.  Instead of lobbies, elevators and front office staff you'll experience a uniquely peaceful, well-maintained and emotionally grounding professional setting with me as your sole point of contact.  An outdoor walking labyrinth and secluded benches allow for pleasant weather journeling, meditation or peaceful discussion in nature.  Setting itself can have an influence on the entire counseling process and I'm glad to offer my clients a thoughtful, comfortable, confidential environment with easy access to the Perimeter.

Suggestions To Best Use This Website

I've had this site for a very long time and I've written a bunch over the years. (I just recently removed 90 blog posts of essays and observations that I will be publishing in book form in 2021.)  Some exploration can help you decide if I'm the right person for your needs.  As noted on the "menu" tabs, you can learn more about the types of counseling services I provide in my metro Atlanta office.  The section on my professional biography and background summarizes my professional qualifications and accomplishments.  Another section houses many of the articles I have written for professionals and the public , and I've kept a few of  my blog posts  online.  Finally, I used to collect comments and reviews from former clients which may help increase your sense of confidence in my abilties.

Contacting Me for an Appointment

If you want to meet with me please first make sure you are ok with my policies, rates and other important information, then feel free to contact me.  I try to offer appointments quickly so you don't have to wait long to discuss what's going on in your life and talk about what do do about it.