A Trusted Atlanta Counselor and Psychotherapist For Individual, Relationship and Sexual Concerns

Bill Herring, Atlanta psychotherapist and consultant

When you're seeking help for a sensitive personal matter, you want to be confident that you've found the right person.  I hope that the information you'll find here will help you determine whether I'm the Atlanta counselor you can trust to meet your needs.

I've provided general psychotherapy and counseling services in Atlanta is for nearly 30 years. For the past couple of decades I have increasingly specialized in helping people deal with non-criminal problematic sexual behaviors. This is the term that I have helped develop which describes sexual behaviors that conflict with a person's commitments, values and/or self-control.

Problematic sexual behaviors can take many forms and happen for a lot of reasons. Some problematic sexual behaviors can represent a sexual or pornography addiction.  It's my honor and delight to help people achieve new levels of integrity, stability, intimacy, accountability and self-esteem. Click here to learn more information about this specialized service I offer.

Since I've had this website for many years it's grown into several sections.  Rooting around for a few minutes here can help you decide if I'm the right person for your needs.  My professional background presents my unique qualifications.  I've got another section that houses my articles for professionals and the general public.  I also hope people enjoy reading my shorter essays and observations on my blog as much as I've enjoyed writing them over many years.  I think it's fair to say that if you get anything positive from what you read here then it's likely we'll do very well together. 

Finally, my office location is different from what you may expect.  I'm easy to get to, just two blocks outside I-285 at the LaVista/Northlake exit, on the east side of Atlanta.  My office sits on a quiet street of former residences converted into businesses.  Instead of lobbies, elevators and support staff you will enjoy a peaceful and well-maintained sanctuary with me as your sole point of contact, including outdoor meditative features to prepare for or integrate our discussions.  Setting does indeed make a world of difference.  

If you want to set up a time to meet please first look over my policies, rates and other important information, then if all that works for you I hope you will contact me so we can arrange an initial meeting.  I try to offer initial appointments quickly so you don't have to wait long before meeting.