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Here's a collection of little essays and observations I have authored over the years about a variety of topics related to personal growth, emotional development, relationship enhancement and other topics I find meaningful and interesting. There's probably enough to collect into a book but for now here they are, free for the reading.  

You can read small snippets of each blog post below: click the title of any that interest you to read the entire post.  Each entry has also been loosely grouped into categories which can help guide your viewing.  I hope you enjoy some of what you find on these pages.


"And Yet?"

Many years ago I wrote a short article titled  "The Best One-Word Question in Psychotherapy".  In that article I described the responses my Atlanta counseling clients give when I simply pose one question to them: "...and?"  At the time I called it "the most elegant question possible" for opening up new lines of discussion that are often otherwise overlooked.  My goal today is to share a few more of my thoughts about using variations of the simple word "...and" to promote useful conversation in therapy. Read more about "And Yet?"

Writing Your Vision Statement

What sort of person are you striving to be? What personal goals are you working toward? Without a clear vision of the qualities you are looking to develop within yourself you may miss some opportunities to grow in the direction of your best self. Sometimes we are more invested in moving away from something we don't like about our lives without a clear vision of what we are trying to grow toward. To help your personal growth consider what qualities represent your highest and best self in each of the following categories. Read more about Writing Your Vision Statement

My Updated List of "Positive Resources" In Your Life

As I have noted on other recent blog posts, I have been updating some of the documents that I have included on my website over the years. The most recent version is what I call "Gather Up Your Resources".  This is a list of categories  that represent positive sources of support in your life, from the people who care about you, to positive memories of your past accomplishments, to recognition of your strengths, to positive symbols that uplift you, and several other sources of strength, comfort and safety.  Completing this list can be helpful to increase your neural connections to these sources of positivity to counteract times when you may otherwise be discouraged, fearful or self-doubting.  Fill it out to feel better about yourself! Read more about My Updated List of "Positive Resources" In Your Life

My Updated List of "Questions About Your Life"

I am using recent blog posts to highlight that I have been updating various documents I have written over the years. One of these documents that I believe can be very helpful is a list of 21 questions that help a person to write the story of their life prior to adulthood. I often ask my clients in my Atlanta counseling and psychotherapy practice to answer these questions for us to review in session. Read more about My Updated List of "Questions About Your Life"

My Updated List of "Counseling Tips"

I've had this website for so many years that occasionally I find it helpful to dust off and slightly edit stuff I wrote years ago. I've just re-posted a slightly edited a list of recommended  suggestions before starting counseling or psychotherapy. Read more about My Updated List of "Counseling Tips"

A Photo of Bill Herring Receiving the 2019 Carnes Award from Patrick Carnes PhD

Bill Herring and Patrick Carnes

As I have previously written in 2019 I was fortunate and grateful to receive the prestigious "Carnes Award" from the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH). Here is a photo of that day with me standing with Dr. Patrick Carnes himself just after he handed me the award.  A professional career highlight for me. Read more about A Photo of Bill Herring Receiving the 2019 Carnes Award from Patrick Carnes PhD

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Five Questions to Assess Problematic Sexual Behavior

Five Categories of Problematic Sexual BehaviorIn 2017 I published an article titled "A Framework for Categorizing Chronically Problematic Sexual Behavior" in the journal Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity.  This short article presented a way to assess a person's sexual behavior patterns for any problematic aspects without the need to apply labels or theories and in a way that applies equally to people who hold very different sexual values, norms and practices.  It solved some dilemmas that I've long had with the limitations of the "sex addiction" theory base and realized my desire to open up services to people who do not have diminished self-control but still have a need for formalized professional assistance. It took me 15 years to crack the code and the result ultimately seems very simple and common sense. Read more about Five Questions to Assess Problematic Sexual Behavior

Uncover to Recover

This may seem to be a very basic message, but if something is bothering you, it’s generally a good idea to talk about it. If you have an issue that is causing you to be unhappy in some way, it's important to tell somebody what's going on. If you have a secret that you are too ashamed to discuss with anyone, guess what? That is exactly what you need to talk about! Read more about Uncover to Recover

Give Up to Take Up

We've all had times when our hands were so full we couldn't carry any more until we put some things down.  Similarly, when your brain is full of limiting and negative ideas and beliefs about yourself and the world there may be little room to take on new and better ones to influence you in a more positive direction. Read more about Give Up to Take Up

Therapeutic Metaphor: Sunflower Seeds

After a lengthy period without adding any new entries to this site (has it really been almost a year!?) I am ready to return to writing blog posts. I took some time out to write a professional article for publication, but that's done now. 

Today I'm going to add to my occasional series of posts regarding various "therapeutic metaphors" that I use from time to time in my Atlanta counseling and psychotherapy practice.  I find metaphors to be excellent at highlighting concepts that people can find useful in their lives, often in subtle and unexpected ways.  Read more about Therapeutic Metaphor: Sunflower Seeds


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