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Here's a collection of little essays and observations about a variety of topics related to personal growth, emotional development, relationship enhancenment and other topics I find meaningful and interesting. There's probably enough for an e-book but for now here they are.  

You can read small snippets of each blog post below: click the title of any that interest you to read the entire post.  Each entry has also been loosely grouped into categories which can help guide your viewing.

General Adult Psychotherapy in Atlanta

I recently started individual counseling with a new client who first looked at my website just before our initial appointment and who said to me "I didn't know your practice was focused so much on sex."  It was then that I realized I should probably write here what I told that person.

Healing Complex Betrayal Trauma

As can be seen by looking over some of my articles, one of the focus areas of my Atlanta psychotherapy and counseling practice is helping people get through the challenges of healing from multiple instances of broken trust. Of course, the most heart-breaking of these violations is the revelation of a pattern of sexual infidelities.

"Because Of" or "In Spite Of"

Sometimes I write about “therapeutic distinctions”, which are pairs of related concepts that have different meanings and can lead to different outcomes.  What came to my mind today is the relationship between "because of” and "in spite of".

Short, Soft, Slow, Simple

Psychotherapy hinges on the therapist’s ability to listen carefully and respond appropriately.  Since people pay me for my opinions I am happy to share them.  A big part of my job includes knowing when to listen and when to talk.  Sometimes it's helpful for me to give a client a lengthy perspective about what we are discussing.  My goal is for my clients to see themselves or a situation they are dealing with in a new light. 

Questions to Deepen Self-Understanding

I've previously written about what I consider to be the major differences between counseling and psychotherapy. As a person who provides both services I know what kinds of questions can lead to deep levels of insight and healing. I've previously published a list of things to consider before your first psychotherapy or counseling appointment. I now have a new set of questions which can help increase the benefit of psychotherapy.

My chapter in "Reflections on the History of the Sex Addiction Field"

A book titled Reflections on the History of the Sex Addiction Field. was recently published.  The editors identified people who they decided had pivotal roles in the development of this field to each write a chapter highlighting their recollections of "the early days".  In this way people will have a way to understand some history they would not otherwise have an opportunity to know about.  I was honored to be one of the contributors so my short chapter is included in this collection.

Listen to a Podcast About Problematic Sexual Behavior

I recently published an article to introduce a sexual health framework for categorizing chronically problematic sexual behavior. Soon after this, host Craig Perra asked to interview me for his podcast called The Mindful Habit.  (Craig is a great host who enthusiastically supports new ideas.)  I think it went pretty well for my first podcast.  The length gave me a chance to include a lot of explanations and historical context for the developmnet of this framework. 

If You Want To Go East, Don't Go West

Wisdom often seems simplistic. The initial response to a truly profound statement may be "I knew that already.” One example is “this moment is all you have”, a statement that is simple to acknowledge but not easy to remember since we constantly swing back and forth between the memories of the past and hopes and fears for the future.

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Mud Moments in Earth School

I enjoy catchy phrases and sayings, especially when I hear one that I haven't stumbled across this far along the road (although I guess nothing is really "far" on a limitless journey).  Two phrases caught my ear recently, and I combined them in the title.  One is "mud moment" and the other is "Earth school".

Round Up The Usual Suspects

In one scene from the movie "Casablanca"  a corrupt police captain pretends to be surprised that a crime has been committed and issues orders to "round up the usual suspects" instead of going after the person he knows is the real culprit.

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